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Transportation and brokerage services

Our services include high quality transportation and brokerage throughout the EU territory as well as in other countries. We are available to our customers for the complete or partial transportation of goods. Our trucks are equipped with refrigerators, tarpaulins and larger trailers that allow transportation of various kinds of goods.

Transport of fruit and vegetables

Thanks to the characteristics at our disposal (two drivers) the transportation of fruit and vegetables is very fast and hence respects the period and temperature necessary to preserve the quality of these products.

Transportation of refrigerated and frozen goods

With the available capacities, we will guarantee the quality of delivery of refrigerated and frozen goods.

Comprehensive logistics services for companies

Aware of the importance of offering comprehensive logistics services for companies, we guarantee the complete logistic of transportation since we cover the complete transportation network built together with our partners.

Organization of transportation in connection with the port of Koper

Thanks to the location of the company and the excellent knowledge of the territory, we can also offer our clients transportation regarding maritime traffic inthe port of Koper.